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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

A "Lake Tekapo Wedding" say's something dynamic and special about you and your expectations in life.

A Lake Tekapo Wedding expresses all that is pure and precious about love and the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. In the centre of New Zealand's South Island is one of the worlds truly unique locations . It is the perfect place to express your love for each other. Whether you are coming to New Zealand to plan your wedding or putting all the pieces in place from your home somewhere else in the world, LakeTekapoWeddings.co.nz can assist you with the essential services that will make your wedding day memorable.

Lake Tekapo Weddings offer you the opportunity to contact local suppliers of wedding services in Lake Tekapo and the greater Mackenzie area. The Church of the Good Shepherd, catering, photography, hair design and makeup are a few of the services available to make planning your wedding easy and achievable. 

Church of the Good Shepherd
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Lake Tekapo is situated in the High Country of New Zealand's South Island and about 3hrs drive from Christchurch or Queenstown. The village is popular with tourists due to the abundance of attractions from skiing in the winter to fishing in the summer. Lake Tekapo is also home to The Church of the Good Shepherd where many couples come to celebrate their special day.